Comic Book? or Life Lessons?
I have not been a very big comic book reader during my lifetime. It just so happened that one day I was in a mall and had some time to kill, when suddenly to my astonishment, I wound up in a comic book store where I then proceeded to wander around for a bit. I was thumbing through a large stack of unsorted (unpopular) comics, nothing was really catching my attention. But, just as I was about to leave, I flipped back one more comic.

And there it was, it stood out like a bowling ball in a cup of chicken noodle soup;
In big, bold, red letters, it was calling to me...
The Mark!
Wow I thought, a comic book hero with my name! It must be great and super amazing! Their was no time to read it at the moment, I had to continue my journey onward. I bought the comic for a grand total of $1.25.

When I got home, my level of wonder was at max-anticipation. With just a thin glossy protective layer of clear plastic standing between me and a potently incredible reading experience, I eagerly unwrapped my prized jewel, revealing the comic and releasing the entombed smell of fresh ink and moth balls.. As I began reading, it had everything needed to make a good comic book hero. A strong willed man in a country spiraling out of control, strength, and determination. A man who wants to see change and believes he can be the one that brings it, and of course, a revealing skin tight costume (then again, who doesn't have one of these laying around?).

'The Mark' is in a country called Lutzany (think former soviet USSR), he plans on moving to America. But before he leaves he must protect the Lutzanians for one more night! This is where I found out The Mark is not your average superhero.. As I continued to read, things quickly became less remarkable.....

Instead of beating up the bad guys....he gives them a thorough lecture.....which apparently seems to work... Anyway here is a brief example. Lets watch the master talker as stops some criminals in the act:

And it was all settled with a friendly handshake.
Everyone wins in this situation, even the criminals get off with a loaf of bread. This tactic may work in Lutzania, but I'm not sure how it will fair once The Mark arrives in America. In issue #1 (which I have) it ends with him arriving in America, so I guess I will never know. Maybe one day I will wander into another comic book store, perhaps shuffle thru the not so popular comics, and possibly run across issue #2. I can only hope.