-OK Soda
last updated: March 25, 2010
OK was the unofficial drink of the “alternative” generation that was test marketed in the mid 90’s but was discontinued before a national roll-out, and it just so happened to be one of the greatest soda's ever made. It was definetly my favorite

soda of all time. Then one day without any kind of warning, it just disappeared. For those who never got to experience this amazing carbonated nectar from the gods, I am sorry. I was fortunate enough to live in one of the test market cities, which made OK soda readily available for consumption. If I had ever known that one day my beloved drink would no longer exist I would have taken more time to enjoy it and to really cheerish the moments we shared together.

It is highly unlikely, but maybe one day OK will return, but until that moment happens I will have to keep using the "OK Formula" to re-create my own OK concoction:
¾ semi-flat Coca-Cola + ¼ orange soda + a splash of Dr. Pepper.

This page is basically a memorial to OK Soda. I have gathered all the images and info that I could from deep within the internet to help us all remember OK's short lived, but amazing life.

The 800 Number(s)
OK Soda had several 800 numbers, 1-800-I-FEEL-OK and 1-800-4-OK-SODA. Both of these had several different messages to listen to, and you could eventually leave your own message for OK if you wanted. Below are recordings of some of the messages:

Note: All audio files are in (unconventional) RealAudio format.
If you are having trouble listening, any one of these three programs will do the trick:
VLC Player, Media Player Classic, or Real Alternative

You've reached 1-800-I-FEEL-OK...
An OK main menu

If you pressed 2, here are some of the countless ways OK soda has changed the lives of others...
OK 1 - John from Fargo, ND and another OK coincidences
OK 2 - Bruce from Seattle and Boris from Minneapolis, MN
OK 3 - A day of OK-Ness and Paul M.
OK 4 - Tom from Somerville, MA and Mike from Atlanta
OK 5 - Warren from Minnetonka, MN and an OK song from Texas
OK 6 - Sandra from Austin, TX and Steve from Denver
OK 7 - Bruce from Seattle and another OK coincidence
OK 8 - Karen from Montclair, NJ
OK 9 - Joseph's power coincidence and Linda from Denver
OK 10 - A coincidence from Austin, TX and Sam from Seattle
OK 12 - Kenny from Yelm, WA and John from Denver, CO
OK 13 - John from Milton, MA and Ellen from Lawrence, KS
OK 14 - Oscar with an OK name
OK 15 - Jeremy from Cambridge, MA
OK 16 - Sam from Seattle
Or perhaps you'd like to hear a coincidence read by the OK soda guy himself...
To hear a random message selected especially for you, press 1 and listen to one of these...

You've been selected from among our many callers to be placed on... perpetual hold
Get a quick refresher of the OK Manifesto...

Didn't press a number? Listen how to address this lack of OK-Ness...

Hear the secret OK thoughts of stuffed animals.
If you want, all of the audio above can be downloaded in one convenient .zip file (1.75mb)

Some OK Images





These are some desktop wallpapers I made based on the original soda box artwork.



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