-Wine Bottle Holder
Wine Bottle Holder. That Defys Gravity!
I will be the first to admit that I did not come up with this idea myself. I was watching a cheesy late night movie, and there was a scene in a home kitchen. On the counter behind the actor talking I saw this bottle of wine that seemed to be defying gravity. I made some quick mental notes on what it looked like. A few days later, using cheapo Home Depot wood, I began the trial and error of getting the lengths and dimensions correct to achieve the effect I was looking for. After many unsatisfactory attempts I finally got a design that worked. I was now confident enough to use good looking (exotic) wood. I went to my local wood crafters store and bought three nice pieces of wood to make my final wine holders to give as gifts. I bought pieces of Pine, Zebra, and Lacewood.

The saw and drill-press I used do not have the most accurate degree markers, so when I drew the schematic below I had to give a rough estimates on some of the degrees.


Smooth Finish
Nothing looks better than a nicely finished smooth shiny piece of wood. To get an illustrious long lasting finish you will need to coat and protect the wood with something. Their are many options available to achieve long lasting results, my preference is tung oil. Tung oil will darken your wood slightly, so keep that in mind.
For the first two coats I thinned the oil with mineral spirits at a 50/50 ratio, applied with a foam brush. When the oil is thinned it is much easier to work with, and the wood can absorb more of the oil easier with a faster drying time. After two coats on all sides I sanded with a very very fine wet/dry sandpaper. For the proceeding coats I used a 80% oil to 20% mineral spirits. I carefully sanded after each coat (except the final). Drying times will vary, but I waited 24 hours before sanding after applying a layer. I believe I did about 8-10 coats total. Go until you have achieved the results you are looking for.

Ready to sand    Brand your work!    Ready for tung oil
First coat of oil    Finished!